Breathing new life into an old shed

concrete-like slab, constructed with DirtGlue Industrial and FCR

After 40 years with a dirt floor, this old shed on the lower slopes of Mount Wellington has had new life breathed into it. The dirt has been replaced with a concrete-like slab, constructed with DirtGlue Industrial and FCR. The practicality of a rock hard floor has transformed the shed from a dusty storage space into a workshop.

Constructing this slab with DirtGlue presented excellent value to the customer and a great outcome. The eco-friendliness of the product was also important to the customer.

Porch and drive renovation

porch and driveway renovation

Our client was looking to give their porch and driveway a bit of a facelift. The existing stone pavers outside the front door had become a little tired and uneven. They wanted something with a softer more natural look. They liked the idea of a sealed gravel finish connecting the porch and drive. They decided on Dirtglue with finely crushed limestone. Furthermore, it wasn’t necessary to remove the stone pavers, the gravel was laid right over the top!

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Stabilising walking tracks in the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden

Stabilising walking tracks in the Wildflower Garden

Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden is one of Sydney’s best kept secrets. Situated in St Ives, the 123 hectares of urban bushland is a great spot for bush walking and outdoor adventure.

There is a network of tracks through this extremely environmentally sensitive area. The local council has major issues with track erosion, especially when it rains. The soil is very sandy and walking tracks regularly wash out during heavy downpours. This leads to the paths being closed to visitors for safety reasons. The council needed to stop the erosion and DirtGlue was the best solution.

Tracks were treated with a surface application of DirtGlue Industrial. Quite simply, spraying a mixture of DirtGlue and water onto the dirt. Well known problem areas were treated as a priority, stabilising paths, steps and rock structures. The contrast between treated and untreated areas is significant.

Furthermore, because of a preference to avoid cement/concrete in this environmentally sensitive area, parks staff have installed signage posts into the ground using Dirtglue instead of concrete.

Bush track bench anchored into DirtGlue slab – no concrete!

Bush track bench anchored into DirtGlue slab – no concrete!

On a quiet walking track on Hobart’s Eastern Shore, Greentrack collaborated with Clarence Council on the installation of a memorial seat. Usually, this style of seat is bolted into a concrete slab, however for this installation the goal was to avoid using concrete.

This seat was bolted into a slab of limestone gravel and DirtGlue Industrial. Limestone gravel was chosen to blend with the gravel in the walking track alongside.

The project was a great success. The bench sits very naturally in the bush setting and no concrete was used.

Walking track connects West Hobart Oval to the community

gravel and DirtGlue walking track

In April 2017, Greentrack installed a gravel and DirtGlue walking track for the City of Hobart, as part of a major development of the West Hobart Oval.


During the Council’s project planning, the feedback from the community consultation requested a sealed track that didn’t suffer potholes. However, the community also didn’t want concrete or bitumen.
Gravel and DirtGlue was a great solution.

The paving for the track was constructed with DirtGlue Industrial and a blend of locally sourced gravels, Tasmanian Gold and Blue Metal. Steel was used to edge the pathway.


The outcome was a long lasting, sealed gravel track, radiating the soft natural colour of Tasmanian Gold. Furthermore, like all Greentrack’s products, the bonding agent, DirtGlue Industrial, has zero toxicity and is friendly to the environment.