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CompoMulch™ is custom blended hydro-mulch that contains 50% sterilized compost/humus mixed with special blend of vegetable fiber (no paper).

As is custom in all of our vast line of products, CompoMulch™ is a forward thinking solution to surrounding terrain and soil preparation as it pertains to hydroseeding and planting needs. While similar products exist in the market, our dutifully prepared “solution” which combines two preparation standards in vegetation development.

The CompoMulch™ formulation does not contain any paper as is common in many fiber or mulch products used in hydroseeding. It uses 50% compost so it provides a better growing medium for the vegetation and is easier to apply because of its unique consistency. CompoMulch™ helps hydroseed / hydromulch equipment resist nozzle clogging because of the compost, as well as the size and type of fiber, which comprises our special blend.

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Provide a brief description of the general composition of this product.

CompoMulch is used as the fiber in hydroseed/hydromulch
applications. It is 1/3 organic compost and 2/3 vegetable fiber. Non hazardous, non-toxic, no VOCs.

Does CompoMulch cause any coloring/discoloration of the surface once it’s been applied or once it’s had a chance to settle in? I’m interested in finding out the aesthetics of the product and how this may or may not change the aesthetics of the ground.

CompoMulch decomposes over time releasing nutrients into the soil to enhance germination and vegetative growth. It is a dark brown finely fibered material that is applied in a thickness that will be readily noticeable as a layer on top of the soil. It will not discolor the soil to which it is applied.

What maintenance is required? At what frequency?

It is applied once. It is meant to help vegetation take over for permanent stabilization.

Have you performed any leachate testing?

There is nothing to leach with this product.

Can you provide any durability or longevity testing?

We will customize the application to meet the customer’s performance requirements. This product will be applied in conjunction with DirtGlue polymer so that it will remain in place for its entire lifespan.

Are there any limitations for your product in terms of storage or what the temperature is at the time of application?

No special storage requirements – unlimited shelf life.

Is irrigation of this product necessary? Or does it create somewhat of a “greenhouse effect” where irrigation is not needed as moisture is retained underneath this layer of product?

If applied heavily with DirtGlue polymer as the tackifier and using seeds native to the location of application watering should not be required.

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