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Effective Dust Control for Cleaner, Safer Arenas

ArenaKleen® works very well with all types of riding arena footing such as sand, stone dust, finely processed screened gravel, and all of the various blends that include the previous as well as many of the fiber products such as rubber, leather, wood, and blends. Because ArenaKleen never dries up, never evaporates, never hardens, and does not wash away with rain, it is ideal in outdoor riding rings as well. Even dusty parking areas can benefit from treatment.

ArenaKleen® is the only horse arena dust control product that eliminates the health hazards of dust. With ArenaKleen® dust suppressant, horses, riders and trainers can work safely and comfortably in the arena, stables, or anywhere dust is a problem.

Other horse arena dust control products just coat the dust particles; ArenaKleen® works differently. ArenaKleen® is formulated to absorb into each individual soil particle, meaning that soil particles remain in direct contact with each other, ensuring firm footing, and excellent traction with no stickiness, and thus no tracking.

ArenaKleen® is not alkaline, nor is it acidic. It’s a non-corrosive, and non-hazardous product that does not require watering for dust control, nor do the climate or humidity levels of the arena affect it. ArenaKleen® will not freeze. It does not wash away or dilute in rain events ensuring you that when it’s in place, it goes right to work offering you, long lasting, effective control.

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Is ArenaKleen non-hazardous and completely harmless to my horse or me?

Yes, ArenaKleen is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and will not hurt, people, plants, or aquatic life.

Can ArenaKleen be used on any equestrian footing?

Yes, ArenaKleen is compatible for use as a dust control solution on all types of soil and soil blends as well as soil/fiber blends, both natural and synthetic.

Will the arena footing remain consistent if ArenaKleen is applied?

Yes, in fact an application of ArenaKleen will actually keep your arena footing consistent longer because it remains active in the soil for a very long time maintaining the same “feel” for many months.

I’ll never have to water once I use ArenaKleen?

Correct, ArenaKleen requires no water for application and once applied it remains active in the soil so that watering becomes unnecessary.

Does ArenaKleen change the consistency of the footing in any way?

ArenaKleen makes the footing material feel very slightly damp (not wet) and will maintain this feel or consistency indefinitely once all of the footing has been wetted with ArenaKleen.

ArenaKleen will not freeze during cold weather?

ArenaKleen never freezes.

Does ArenaKleen have any corrosive effects on equipment?

ArenaKleen is completely non-corrosive.

Does ArenaKleen contain any salt or chlorides?

ArenaKleen has no chlorides or salts.

How is ArenaKleen applied?

ArenaKleen may be applied with any equipment that could typically be used to apply water. It is sprayed onto the surface and immediately begins to soak in.

How soon can I use my riding area after application of ArenaKleen?

Because ArenaKleen is non-hazardous and is not sticky or slippery the riding area can be used immediately after application with no negative effects.

  • Dr. Kim Brennan“I absolutely love your product. I was hesitant to spend the money, but it is wonderful!! My students, horses and myself can see, breathe and ride.” Dr. Kim Brennan Formello Farm Equestrian Center

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