Vandalised bridge repaired with DirtGlue®

bridge repaired with dirtglue

We were asked to help with the restoration of footbridge that had been vandalised. DirtGlue was effective in more ways than one.

Project: Bridge restoration
Client: Clarence Council
Date: September 2016

As part of a walking track project in Clarendon Vale, the Council commissioned the construction of a footbridge. Weeks after its construction, it was vandalised and required rebuilding.

To make it less vulnerable to further attacks, the Council booked us in to toughen up the bridge with an application of DirtGlue®.

We began by treating the red gravel on either side of the bridge with DirtGlue® and compacting with a plate compactor. The bridge now has a long lasting, rock solid entry and exit path, which is also grippy.

We next poured DirtGlue® in and around the large rocks that supported the bridge. This served to form a red gravel cement around the rocks, locking them in place.

Finally we dusted the surface of the timber with DirtGlue® and fine gravel, creating a coarse, non slip surface. The glue also improves the timber’s protection from the weather.

This project is a great example of the strength and versatility of DirtGlue®.