Dear Jeff,
Julie & I just want to say thank you for the help and consultation in regards to our
Outdoor gardens, Fountain, Brick Pavers, Sandstone Stair-Cases around our property.
Over the past 4,6 years, we have seen a lot of aging and growth of Green Moss, that starts to turn into a permanent Black stain that settles into most of our Masonry surfaces here, and no matter how often I Pressure wash and clean each of these surfaces, it just seems to be going Darker and Darker in Colour and we have lost that New, clean look you get when it’s first laid or installed.
And the constant rework and cleaning start to absorb any free time you may have in mind, while the property just seems to be aging before your own eyes are very frustrating to stay on top of, and to date I have had no solutions to these issues.
As I stated, I was already on my way to the Hardware shop, to try and find a Product solution at the same time I approached you on your Face book Advert, In regards kind offer to use your Masonry Cleaning & Treatment processes, and also to Use your product MasonProof in that small trial we did, it was amazing.
And now the 3 stages are complete, I wanted to share these Photos & Pictures with you and I’ll let them do the talking from here, Enjoy.