G.J. Gardner Homes Newcastle – Masonry Water proofing product testimonial for MasonProof

G.J. Gardner Homes Newcastle

Mark Eddy

Managing Director                                                                                      Date: 10/09/2018


G.J. Gardner Homes Newcastle

154 Hannell St. Wickham NSW 2293


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Dear Mr Scott Flinn,


As you are aware we have been trialing your GES product “ Mason-Proof” to assist us with Masonary, Blocks, Bricks, & Plaster wall Water-Proofing solutions over the past 12 months.


Our Trial sites;


  • J Gardner Build: Sloped Section / Two Story / with Block Wall basement Address: 51 Discovery drive, Fletcher NSW 2285.

Action Plan:

  • Water-Proof the Ground floor Basement Walls
  • Negative Walls (Inside Wall)
  • Positive Walls (Outside Wall facing the Ag-Soil & Water pressure side)

GES MasonProof – Waterproofing Application Process Date: Went ahead Jan 2017 Moisture Trial Testing Performed: November 2017

Showed Moisture readings;

Positive Wall Readings: Tested & showed moisture at between Low 290 to 395 high Negative Wall Reading: Tested & showed moisture at between Low 190 to 290 high The Minimum Aust-Housing Moisture Reading Standard: Is Under 600


Ges-MasonProof was applied at an application rate of 14 to 1 litre of MP

Summary Outcome;

August/2017; 8 months on, The walls are still dry,

Further Tests: Feb 2018 in our 2nd tests we performed, Again these walls are still dry at the same readings, following a wet 2018 winter season.

In our mind a positive result for us as a business.




2).   GJ Gardner Build: Home Dwelling

Divided by a Masonary Brick center wall, Between home living & Car Garage Address: Elcho Street, Hamilton Newcastle NSW 2300

Action Plan:

  • Water Proof Center Brick Divider walls, Between Living Side & Garage,

Current problem, Water leaking through flashings & Moisture in in the builder bricks And block wall.


  • Step one; GJ Builders sealed all cracks & gaps in the Center line Brick
  • GES-Dirtglue Applicators; Used MasonProof to water proof the Masonary Bricks MasonProof Application Mix ratio 14 to
  • Application Date: 3rd April 2018
  • Inspection Date: 4th  April 2018

Which included a Water Splash test onto the exterior outside walls. And also the Internal walls as well.


Our Summary Outcome:

This was a very difficult site, The home owners supplied their own Aged Bricks from a Melbourne VC, Historical site.

Some of these bricks had defects, Cracks, and a lot of moisture in them, I advised them this will create unexpected problems if we don’t get this right and sadly this proved to be true.


GES-Dirtglue offered excellent Sales & Tech support through the following;

  • Your on site inspection & Appraisals process
  • Solutions and advice to solve the Water Dampness issues
  • Picking the right product: MasonProof
  • And working through how to fix and apply MP to the
  • Overall the Home is still water tight, No signs of
  • We have a very happy customer, which is the
  • And we are very grateful of your support shown towards GJ Gardner & My



Like to thank you & the GES-Dirtglue team,






Mark Eddy

Managing Director

G.J Gardner Homes Newcastle


Trial Site 1). 51 Discovery Drive, Fletcher NSW


After, We Waterproofed with MasonProof, Note the Soil Earth worked up to the Outer Walls.

Trial site 2). Elcho Street, Hamilton, Newcastle NSW



MasonProof is applied, Check the Water beads to show it working.