DirtGlue Product Range Presenter

dirt glue product range presenter

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The Benefits of using DirtGlue products

  • All our products are made with the Environment in mind
  • All Ges Products are made with Green friendly ingredients
  • Our R &D Developed over 30 years, target’s to reduce the use of all nasty & Dangerous Chemicals out from our DG Binder product range,
  • All GES Binders are made to work& perform with “All natural Soils & Agreggates insitu from within our Environment to help save the Earth & our Planet”
  • GES Binders are not harmful to Animals, Humans, and Plant life in any way
  •  GESDirtglue Binders Are not “Permeable”

Once the Product and the Insitu materials have set cured / Hardened / Dried, No leaching from this product will occur.

# See Hydrophobic statement

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  • Hobart City Council Wine Glass Tracks & Trails / Pathways & Walking tracks
  • Launceston City Council Natural Parkland Carparks Tracks & Trails
  • Perth City Council (Multiple Councils through out
  • Mt Kosciuszko Parks & Wild Life , Walking Pathway stabilization
  • Sydney City Council Flower gardens Ku Ring Gai / St Ives, All Natural Pathways & Stabilization
  • Sydney Olympic Park Pools Gardens & Natural Car Parks
  • John Holland Grp Railway station & Maintenance Div , and Contaminated site control
  • NewCastle Airport Darracon Civil / Harsh Chemical Contamination Control
  • Merriweather Golf Club Golf Cart Pathways & Bunkers
  • Newcastle Golf Club Bunkers & Pathways
  • Nelson Bay Golf Club Golf Cart Pathways

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