Golden driveway in the Huon Valley

natural looking sealed driveway DirtGlue

Our client asked for a natural looking sealed driveway that fitted in with their bush setting. They were delighted with the results.

Our client’s home was situated on a hillside in the beautiful Huon Valley. They wanted to beautify their property with a natural gravel driveway. They were excited when they discovered GreenTrack could deliver a sealed gravel surface with DirtGlue®, using locally quarried gravel.

Like many of our clients, they loved the natural gravel look, but didn’t want the maintenance that comes with a regular gravel finish. They also didn’t relish the prospect of loose  gravel finding its way onto the carpet in the house. With DirtGlue®, we had all the answers they wanted to hear.

The result was a beautiful textured golden surface, decorated with 10-14mm Tasman Gold gravel.

Not only did they get the finish they desired, they were also able to get a sealed driveway that wasn’t affordable with other driveway construction options.