PotHoleGlue: When Band-Aids Just Won’t Cut It

Have you ever slammed into a pothole or swerved violently to avoid one? Do you have a license? If so, you probably answered yes to both or half of that first question. Potholes are all over the place. Being that we’re headquartered in New Hampshire, we deal with an endless assault of potholes as winter gives way to spring. But it’s not limited to our geographic locale – the earth shifts, and, as it does, soil loosens and holes form. It’s natural.

The question is, how are you combatting them?

You can’t just throw some dirt or “cold patch” in there and hope for the best.

Yes, we know, that last thought is a bit elementary, but the fact is, there are a lot of inferior products being used that are not only a terrible immediate solution, but a poor choice for the environment as well.

That’s why we created PotHoleGlueTM. And while there’s plenty of solutions that exist out there that temporarily take care of the issue, PotHoleGlueTM is really the only permanent pothole repair on the market.

A repair done with PotHoleGlueTM is the most cost-effective pothole repair since it’s only done once. No need for touchups and revisiting compromised sites. PotHoleGlueTM literally outlasts the surrounding asphalt thus, it’s truly permanent, unlike other pothole patch methods. Permanent repair is the best policy as far as we’re concerned… Why?

Pothole repair is intended to be a permanent fix of a pothole, however with the traditional methods it’s not. Traditional methods are labor and equipment intensive, which is not conducive to a “friendly” bottom-line. Traditional methods require the edges of the hole to be cut cleanly, with the hole itself cleaned out. HMA (hot mix asphalt) is brought in to fill the hole and then the HMA is compacted with a very heavy roller. The seams (clean cut edges) are then heat treated with IR (infrared) to melt the seams to the surrounding old asphalt at the cut edge.

The temporary fix is a cold patch. Cold patch has a very short life span (a few weeks to a few months typically). It’s meant to get by until the warmer weather comes and the HMA repair outlined above can be accomplished.

Therefore, all roads lead to permanent, so why not take the most direct route and rollout a plan with PotHoleGlueTM.

We at Global Environmental Solutions (GES) have developed PotHoleGlueTM as a permanent solution that withstands the elements – specially formulated to create a powerful, durable, and easy to use solution for fixing this well-known problem.

At its core, PotHoleGlueTM is “epoxy-like” – using a dry, multi-component system to produce a catalytic reaction creating a good-looking pothole patch that will outlast the surrounding pavement.

Strong, Durable Pothole Repair

  • Permanent
  • Easy application
  • Sticks to surrounding asphalt
  • Multi-component quality system
  • No special equipment needed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy cleanup

PotHoleGlueTM – a superb alternative to conventional, less environmentally friendly and less effective methods.

When the road traveled is a bit bumpy, get in there and smooth out the ride. Contact us today to learn how you can add PotHoleGlueTM as your solution of choice when it comes to sound, solid road repair that lasts.

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